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people this is what happened to me so if your doing homework like i was then I'm sorry i did this to you but i just wanted to say....

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Q: How was the war sold to the british people?
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How was the world war 1 sold to the british people?

World War 1 was sold to the British people through propaganda. This propaganda included literature and films designed to make Germany look bad and strengthen the perception of Britain being in the right.

What American general sold military information to the British during the war?

Benedict Arnold

How did the sepoy mutiny lead to increased british racism?

the British fought a war against them . people are always racist to people there at war with.

How many people died in the British War?

The British lost 450,900 people. 383,800 were Military personnel deaths and 67,100 were civilian deaths.

Who was NOT a British general during the American Revolutionary War?

Lots of people were NOT british war generals. For example, I'm pretty sure you are not a british war general. However, i think you're talking about people in the time period. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, most people

Why did many British did not support the war?

The British people didn't have the persuasion that this war was really big to Great Britain leaving them no choice but to not support the war

Who was the people who raised the taxes at the revolutionary war?

The British

How did the british government try to eliminate opposition from the people who were opposed to World War I?

How did the British government try to eliminate opposition from the people who were opposed to World War 1?

How many british people die in world war 1?

40,458 people

What is most likely one of Churchill's main purposes when giving his speech?

he wants to reassure the british people that entering the war is the best option for british. APEXX

What team was Australia on in world war 1?

British and the people who like them

How many british people were killed in the world war 1?