How was violette szabo tortured?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sexual assault, repeated rapes, severe beatings, according to web sources.

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Q: How was violette szabo tortured?
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What is Violette Szabo's birthday?

Violette Szabo was born on June 26, 1921.

When was Violette Szabo born?

Violette Szabo was born on June 26, 1921.

When did Violette Szabo die?

Violette Szabo died on 1945-02-05.

Is violette szabo married?

Violette Szabo was married. She was married to a french officer of Hungarian descent called Etienne Szabo.

Why did Violette Szabo become a spy?

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Where was violette szabo killed at?

Violette Szabo was killed at Ravensbruck Concentration camp in February 1945 for being a spy with the British Intelligence agency against the Germans. See related link below for more details on this courageous woman.

Who was Violette Szabo?

She was an SOE spy during WWII who was killed at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp on or about 5 February 1945.

What medals did Violette Szabo receive?

George Cross.Order of the British Empire (two awards).Croix de Guerre.

How was Violette Szabo killed?

She was killed in the Ravensbruk concentration camp, murdered there for being a spy against the Nazi Germans for the Allied Forces.

What was the name of the world war 2 movie about the woman spy?

There is one called 'Carve Her Name With Pride', the story of Violette Szabo.

Did violette szabo die in the war?

Yes, violette did die in the war after she was captured by the Germans. later on she was sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp for women where she was turtered in the crulest ways and was finally executed near the end of the war.

How old was Violette Szabo when she was shot?

She was twenty-three years old and seven months. Born June 25th, 1921 and died January, 1945.