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There were many ways in which Africans were used during the confederacy. These individuals were used as forms of workers.

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Q: How were blacks used during the confederacy?
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What was the relationship between whites and blacks during the civil war?

Bad in the Confederacy but not bad in the Union. In fact, the Union liberated many blacks and used black soldiers.

Did the Confederacy free the blacks?

No. But there were some free blacks in the southern states.

What campaign was used to win the war and equal rights for blacks in the US?

The Civil War. The North was the Union and the South, the confederacy.

Why did some slaves take sides during the war?

The slaves went to the Union because they wanted to fight for their freedom, and the blacks that fought for the Confederacy were mostly forced to.

Why didn't the confederacy draft slaves and free blacks into the army?

Because it was already bad enough what blacks had to go through at that time!

What did women and blacks do during the war?

women and blacks fought to, they used kitchen utensils and gardening tools for weapons.

Did blacks support the confederacy?

No they did not the only reason they didn't was because they have a small trace of lesbian in them

Why did the confederacy not draft slaves and free blacks into the army?

That would be like turkeys voting for Xmas.

During the civil war was Texas a member of the confederacy or the union?


What were most boats used for during the civil war?

The Union had more ships than the Confederacy. The greatest amount of these were used on blockade duty.

Was Texas part of the confederacy during the civil war?

Yes, Texas was a member of the Confederacy.


a loose union of independent states; name of government used by the southern states that seceded during the Civil War