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Peanuts were boiled, parched, and roasted.

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Q: How were goober peas prepared during the Civil War?
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What is Goober peas in the Civil war?


What they ate in the civil war?

Goober Peas

When was Goober Peas created?

Goober Peas was created in 1866.

Why are peanuts called goober peas?

Peanuts have been colloquially known as "goober peas" due to their resemblance to peas and because "goober" is a term that refers to a peanut in certain Southern dialects. The term likely originated from African slaves and later became popular during the Civil War era.

Is there a Goober peas song?

Tennessee Ernie Ford released the song "Goober Peas" in 2011, but the song itself (a traditional folk song) dates back to the American Civil War.

Who wrote goober peas?

Bob Marley

What is the West African word for peanut?

Goober Peas

What are 'goobers'?

Goober is another word for peanut. Goobers are chocolate-covered peanuts. They are often eaten at movie theaters for movie snacks. Goober peas is a term from an old Civil War song. See the related questions and link below.

What does goober mean in the Civil War?

In the southern states goober peas (peanuts) were commonly used as pig fodder. they mature under ground and pigs were simply turned out to root them up. As opposing armies passed through an area using a scorched earth policy in an effort to leave nothing useful to the enemy. Goober peas, being under ground, were commonly the only food left available in any sufficient amount to eat and doubtlessly saved many from starvation. In southern slang calling someone a "goober" is the same as calling them a "peanut brain".

What were goober peas?

Boiled peanuts. They can be very tasty, but not everyone knows how to correctly cook them.

What are some other names for peanuts?

In some places they're called goober peas.

Another name for peanut?

Having a very Southern side to our family, we learned a song called "Goober Peas" growing up. My Grandmother said that they were really boiled peanuts. It would seem that at times during the Civil War, that's about all CSA soldiers had to eat.