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Ideological differences did not cause the cold war. Nuclear Weapons caused the cold war.

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Q: How were ideological differences a cause of the cold war?
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What are the causes of cold war and its emergence?

The major cause for the Cold War were Ideological difference between the two super blocs viz. USA - supporting capitalism and USSR supporting Communism

The ideological basis of the cold war was conflict between communism and?


What do you call a religious split?

It is called a schism. Usually the ch is silent.

The Cold War was mainly an ideological struggle between the Soviet Union and?

the u.s. or U.S.A.

Did churchill cause the cold war?

Churchill did not cause the cold war. Nuclear weapons caused the cold war.

Why what was the cold war?

Answer:The Cold War was an ideological war between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Cold War was stated to start after WW2 (1946) and ended from the collapse of the Berlin Wall (1990).(During the Cold War the Korean and Vietnam war occured as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis).- K2

Which of following is most correctly identified as an underlying ideological cause of the Revolutionary War?

declaration of independence

What is Huntington's thesis?

Huntington's thesis refers to Samuel P. Huntington's theory of the "Clash of Civilizations," which posits that cultural and religious differences between civilizations will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world, rather than ideological or economic differences. It suggests that conflicts will arise due to differences in civilizations rather than other factors.

What is the MOST correctly identified as an underlying ideological cause of the Revolutionary War?

Plato... taxation without representation

Why did the detonation of the atom bomb cause the cold war?

The use of the atomic bombs in 1945 did not 'cause the Cold War'.

To what extent were the ideological differences between north and South Korea the cause of the Korean war?

It was a war of aggresion. Communist North Korea invaded the South in an attempt to conquer the south and unify the country under communist control. The south was somewhat democratic, and a capitalistic society. Communist ideology and control was the prime reason for the Korean War.

What war did the cold war cause?

Korean War, Vietnam War,