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It would give the youth of today a real sence of nationalism and rid the youth of its rampant disregard for societies rules.

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Q: How would war benefit todays youth?
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Why did the Federalists believe that they would benefit from a war against France?

why did the federalists believe that they would benefit from the war with france

You don't know the cost of World War 1 in todays US dollars do you?

In Todays dollar, looking back on the total war cost of WWI (The Great War) from 1914-1918 would be close to 100 trillion dollars. It was the most expensive war ever fought, and sheer military casualties, the most bloodshed in a war to date.

Why American's caused World War 1?

In 1909 American's were in contact with Germany. American's held a secret conference with Germany to invade Beligum. America would benefit from this spark of the war as the factory production would benefit the economy in the end. Therefore America was the whole reason the war was started. The Politicians could benefit from the war economy.

How does the stamp act affect us today?

the stamp act effects us today because it mad3e the war so their for if it would not have happened w wouldnt have had the war and todays life would not be the same

Did teenagers benefit from the nazi rules?

I suppose it would depend on your point of view. They did benefit from learning discipline, how to be soldiers and to be dedicated people. But, when you consider many teens died in the war defending Hitler and Germany when they had already lost the war they did not benefit.

Where did the Trojan war happened?


Can the Scotland beat America in a war?

If it was a war of epithets, my money would be on the Scots. Furthermore, experience and cunning ALWAYS overcomes youth and vigor.The controversy rages on-

The Trojan war in todays society?

Part of the entertainment industry (Hollywood films).

How much did food cost in World War 2?

10% of todays prices

Can a king be a knight?

Yes in fact the majority of Medieval Kings would have been knighted in their youth in order and preperation for war.

What role did Hitler youth play in world war 2?

As the war dragged on the government used the youth as soldiers. Reports tell of young boys fighting in Berlin at the end of the war.

What war was going on when Hitler started Hitler's youth?

World war 2