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On Stone Mountain, in Georgia, near Atlanta.

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Q: Huge figures of confederate leaders are sculpted on a mountain in this state?
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What was part of presidents Johnson's plan for Reconstruction?

Pardons for Confederate leaders

Is Stone Mountain a landform in Georgia?

Yes, it is a large natural stone dome, made of quartzite. It also features a manmade carving, the world's largest stone relief carving, depicting equestrian figures of Confederate leaders Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis.

What were the confederate leaders punishments?

The confederate leaders punishments were jail time and starvation. there were a lot more punishment that went on in the jail.

What was the punishment for confederate leaders in Lincoln's 10 percent plan?

The Confederate leaders who had held office in the Confederate government or high military rank, would have been deprived of their rights of property.

When the Ku Klux Klan was founded most of its leaders and members were?

Were confederate soilders the first leaders were people such as generals in the old confederate army

What was the fate of the defeated confederate leaders?


How did Confederate leaders respond to Lincoln announcement that he would send ships to Fort Sumter?

Confederate leaders agreed to let food supplies in, but then attacked the ships.

Who were the the confederate leaders caught on a British ship?

Mason and Slidell, the Confederate envoys to Britain and France.

Where did the union and the confederate leaders meet at?

they met at Appomattox

When was British Association of International Mountain Leaders created?

British Association of International Mountain Leaders was created in 1993.

The fate of the confederate leaders after 1865 was?

that all were eventually pardoned.

Did both union and confederate leaders impose the writ of habeas corpus?