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The song was written by Edward B. Marks sometime in the 1890's

Two drummers sat in at dinner in a grand hotel one day

While dining they were chatting in a jovial sort of way

There come a pretty waitress bringing a tray of food

They spoke to her familiarly in a manner rather rude At first she did not notice or make the least reply

Till one remark was made to her brought teardrops to her eye

And facing her tormentors her cheeks were blushing red

She looked a perfect picture as appealingly she said Chorus: My mother was a lady like yours you would allow,

And you may have a sister who needs protection now

I've come to this grand city to find my brother dear

You would dare insult me sir if brother Jack were here The two sat there in silence, their heads hung down in shame

"Forgive me miss we meant no harm pray tell me what's your name"

She told the man, he cried aloud "I know your brother, too!

"We've been friends for many years and he oftentimes speaks of you. "Come home with me when I go back and if you'll only wed,

I'll take you to him as my bride for I love you since you said: Chorus: My mother was a lady like yours you would allow,

And you may have a sister who needs protection now

I've come to this grand city to find my brother dear

You would dare insult me sir if brother Jack were here

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Q: I am looking for a World War 1 song with these lyrics My mother was a lady and yours you would allow?
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