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General William Techumseh Sherman

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Q: I led a March to the Sea. I practiced total war in moving my army from Atlanta to Savannah to break the will of the South to fight. Who am I?
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What was the location of shermans march to the sea?

he stared in Atlanta and moved to Savannah.

Where did shermans march to sea go?

From Atlanta to Savannah

Sherman's March to the sea location?

Atlanta to Savannah.

Where was the Sherman march to the sae?

Across Georgia - from Atlanta to Savannah.

Battle along shermans march to the sea?

Atlanta to Savannah Check my answer if you dare:|

What was the result of Sherman's March?

everything was destroyed from Atlanta to Savannah Georgia

What is Sherman's destructive advance from atlanta to Savannah called?

The March to the Sea

What sea did the shermans march happen?

From Atlanta to Savannah, on the Atlantic coast.

What did Sherman's destructive advance from Atlanta to Savannah referred to as?

The March to the Sea

What was General Sherman's march to Atlanta called?

It was simply the Battle of Atlanta. Afterwards, Sherman started planning his March to the Sea, ending at Savannah.

Where was Sherman's March To The Sea fought?

various places in Georgia such as savannah and atlanta

What is Shermans movement from Atlanta to Savannah called?

That is called Sherman's march to the sea.