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This is not the first time this statement has been made. It can be applied to any serviceman in any war. For the US Marines storming the beaches on Iwo Jima in 1945, their life expectancy was surely measured in seconds. For an F-100 Supersabre pilot struck by ground fire in Vietnam, he has only seconds to eject before his jet strikes the ground (or explodes in the air). When a US sailor inside a submarine is under an intense depth charge attack, if the submarine hull cracks from the explosions, at extreme depth, the sea will flood his sub within seconds or minutes, he will drown or be crushed by the sudden IMPLOSION (Internal Crushing) if at great ocean depths. So yes, that written statement is true; for all men, who have died in all wars.

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Q: I understand that it is written somewhere that the life expectany of a soldier in Vietnam was some seconds or minutes. Do you have the answer?
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What was the life span of an average US second lieutenant in Vietnam combat?

Answer16 mins.I believe the exact definition of "16 mins" is given in the movie "Rules of Engagement", where Tommy Lee Jones' character "Colonel Hodges", the defense attorney for Samuel Jackson's character "Colonel Childers", challenges the prosecuting attorney Major Biggs (played by Guy Pearce), for an answer to the question for the life expectancy of a 2nd Lt. dropped into a "hot LZ in Vietnam, in 1968".This does not specifically answer the question of the lifespan of a 2nd Lt. in the Vietnam War.

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Not sure about a 1st sergeant but the average life expectancy of a US 2nd lieutenant in Vietnam was a little under four days. That's grossly wrong. About 2.5 million soldiers served "in country" during the Vietnam War. 60,000 were killed. Even if one assumes all deaths were in combat, and only 25% of people "in country" were combat grunts, that means less than a 10% death rate. Put it another way, a front-line, combat soldier in Vietnam had well over a 90% chance of surviving a 1-year tour. Averaged over the 10-year "official" duration of the war, that means there was 1 death about every 41 minutes.

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