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It is COMMON for men to serve their time in one branch and then when their time expires to enlist into another branch of service. It ALL adds up to 20 years of service for pension purposes. However, it often does not allow higher or equivalent rank in the next service...sometimes there is a minor down grade upon entry into the next branch of service. But time DOES go by faster when experiencing different branches of service.

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Q: If you have 4 dependents you want to enlist in the Marines but can only do reserves not too good of pay can you join the army for a few years and re enlist in the Marine?
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How young does one need to be to enlist in the Marines?

The marines will take people of different ages. In order to enlist to become a marine you should be between the age of 17 and be no older than 29. It is possible you can enlist when you are over 29 but you will have to submit a waiver.

How do I enlist to be a Marine?

To get information on enlisting in the Marines, visit At the top right corner, you can request more information.

How do you enlist in the US Marines?

Talk to your Local Marine Recruiter. Go To for more information

What is the age limit to be a marine?

17-40 years old are eligible to join the marines

Can you enlist in the marines and be a corpsman?

No. Corpsman are from the Navy.

Can you switch to the Marines with prior service?

You can enlist in the Marine Corps. You may be given some credit toward promotions. Time served will be the total of all service time.

Do you have to be a certain age to go to pariss island?

If you mean Parris Island Marine Corps training camp, - you have to be 18 to enlist in the Marines - you can be any age to visit the camp

What does it mean when you enlist in the marines one year in advance?

very simple, if you enlist in the marines a year in advance that means you are in the marines and you are doing the Delayed Entry Program, that means that you are required to basic training within that year.

Can you enlist in the marines and become a corpsman?

no join the navy

What is the least amount of time you can be in the Marines for?

The least amount of time that you can enlist in the Marines for is three years.

When you enlist in the marines can you back out?

It is not final until you take the oath at your physical.

How many sons or daughter can enlist in the marines?

As many as you've got.