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If you served in a combat zone yes. If not, you are a war era veteran.

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Q: If you were in the military during 2001 does that make you a war veteran?
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How do you thank a veteran?

There are many ways in which you can thank a veteran. Personally thank them for their service, buy them a meal, or make a donation to a military foundation or charity.

Is a retired firefighter a veteran?

Not unless you served in the military as a firefighter. Civilians don't make veterans.

Did the department of veteran affairs make Veterans Day?

No the federal government created Veteran's Day

Who is most likeley to make a patriotic speech on Memorial Day?

Politicians are always happy to make a speech and are likely to be asked. A veteran with an outstanding military record is also a good possibility. Preachers often speak at local gatherings for Memorial.

Does a entry level separation from basic training make you a veteran?

No, it does not.

Dose Ford make a Jeep?

No, not anymore. During WW2 Ford made plenty of Jeeps for the military.

Is it against the law to make a veteran work on Veterans Day?

Of course...

How do you use the word friar in a sentence?

During the long journey to his new order, the friar accompanied a group of veteran knights. To make amends for his past, the disgraced nobleman became a Dominican friar.

Why did us implement rationing during world war 2?

To make as many supplies as possible available to the military.

Do you honor police on Veterans Day?

Absolutely not unless they served in the military. No, simply because a police officer may on occasion encounter a violent situation, it does not make them a military veteran. When the going gets tough the police can quit where as the military person must go on and do their best under the worst of conditions. The military is not represented by a union. Military spend time away from their loved ones. Military sacrafice a normal life. I realize many police consider themselves para-military but they are simply.....police. Not members of the military. If police with no military service want to be called vets or want to join vetrans organizations or be honored a veterans........join the military.

When can a spouse of a veteran collecting monthly pension also collect an portion of his pension?

Not until the veteran dies. The pension is the property of the veteran, NOT their spouse. While the veteran is alive, the spouse would not have any monetary claim on the veterans pension unless they divorced. Only then would she be able to make a claim on a percentage of his pension payment.

How can one become a US military veteran at age 60 or older?

Unless you are already in the armed forces, you will not be able to. There are maximum ages for enlistment. An Act of Congress can make exceptions, but they do not occur often, Admiral Rickover and Admiral Hooper are two that I am aware of.