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Stephan A. Douglas, (by the way B is 1. not 15.)

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Lewis Cass

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Lewis cass

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Q: Illinois politician who helped smooth over sectional conflict in 1850 but then reignited it in 1852?
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What does sectional conflict mean?


Which was the major issue causing sectional conflict in the mid-9th century?


Why did the US Congress agree to the Missouri Compromise?

To address the conflict over slavery

The most significant aspect of the Mexican American war on the US during the 20 years following the war was that it?

reignited the slavery conflict in regards to all the territories newly acquired from mexico

What social and economic changes discussed in previous chapters fueled sectional conflict?

railroads, cotton gin...

An economic cause of increasing sectional conflict on the eve of the Civil War was the decreasing importance of what river?

Mississippi river

Which war resulted in territorial gains for the US that caused sectional conflict in the years leading up to the Civil War?

Mexican War

What was the main cause of sectional conflict in the 1830s?

regions of us had grown different that they seldom shared the same economic interest or political rights.

What state fough other in the war against each other in the war?

Missouri in particular suffered inter-sectional guerlla warfare throughout the conflict.

What was the major reason for sectional tensions over the building of the Transconinental railroad?

basically, just the whole conflict between north and south, i think (confederate and union). different beliefs.

What became a political issue itself and further intensified the sectional conflict rather than removing the issue of slavery in the territories from politics as hoped?

the election of 1856. no worrys, ill do your homework ;)

The Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott v Sandford 1857 helped to increase sectional conflict because the decision-?

The Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857 worsened sectional conflict by declaring that African Americans, whether enslaved or free, were not citizens and could not sue in the federal courts. This decision further entrenched divisions between the North and South over the issue of slavery and fed into the growing tensions that eventually led to the Civil War.