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Because the Soviet way of life had been threatened by Hitler

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because war was forced upon them by hitler
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Because people of the world — including dissenters in Germany—had approved their cause (apex)

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Because the Soviet way of life had been threatened by hitler (APEX)

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Q: In Stalin’s opinion why did the USSR decide to go to war with Germany?
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How justified is the claim that the USSR contributed more than its allied to the defeat of Nazi German in world war 2?

This is an opinion type question.The USSR made a great contribution to the defeat of Germany, however it is not true that they made a bigger contribution to the victory than all the other Allied nations.In fact, from August 1939 through June 22, 1941 the USSR was an ally of Hitler's Germany, and supplied much of Germany's food requirements! Even after the USSR was attacked by Germany, the USSR was not very cooperative with the other Allied Powers, and sometimes obstructive. They were also involved in the murder of Polish (Allied) military officers.The USSR suffered the most casualties of any Allied Power, fielded the largest Allied Army, and engaged the largest part of the German Army. However its contribution in terms of strategic airpower, seapower, logistics & economy were smaller than the western Allies. The USSR did not fight the Japanese until August 1945, when the Japanese were already defeated.

Why was germany involved in the cold war?

The Cold War was basically a dispute between the US and the Soviet Union for the sole title of the world's only superpower. The Cold War was not literally a war, it was more of a verbal dispute and competition between the US and USSR. After WWII, the US and USSR emerged as the only two superpowers. They then fought for the spot of #1. So it was basically the US & their allies versus the Soviet Union & their allies. At this time, Germany was split into West and East Germany. West Germany was on the US side while East Germany was on the USSR side. They were involved because they were allies of either the US or USSR.

When did the USSR defeat Germany?

The Allies, which included Russia, defeated Germany at the end of the Second World War, September 2, 1945.

What are 6 countries that were involved in World War 2?

US, UK, USSR, Germany, Japan, Italy

What nation was part of the eastern bloc during the cold war?

Nations:PolandCzechoslovakiaHungaryRomaniaAlbaniaBulgariathe DDR (East Germany)The USSR

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What was Stalins empire called?

Stalin was not an emperor and did not have an empire. He was the leader for many years of the USSR

What is the setting of breaking stalins nose?

Moscow, USSR, 1930-1950

What was the purpose of stalins 5-year plans?

To industrialize and modernize the USSR.

Which US preisdent was in office during Stalins reign in the USSR?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman .

What was Finland in World War 2 Axis Neutral or Allies?

they were against the USSR. So, when the USSR was with Germany, then Finland was on its own, then when the USSR was against Germany, Finland allied with Germany. Then when Finland surrendered to the USSR for a second time, Finland had to declare war on Germany.

Who was Stalins main rival and what did he do with him?

Leon Trotsky was Stalin's main rival inside the Soviet Union. Stalin had him deported and finally assasinated. Adolf Hitler was Stalin's main rival outside the USSR. The Russian army invaded Germany and found Hitler dead.

Were the Japanese a threat to stalins Soviet Union?

Yes, the Japanese empire proved a large threat to the USSR. However, when they invaded, they were quickly driven back.

In 1942 what did the Germans do in the USSR?

Germany invaded the USSR in June 1942.

Who ruled the ussr after stalins death and before Khrushchev in the 4 year gap?

Georgy Malenkov ruled the USSR for 2 years after Stalin's death and before Khrushchev took over. He ruled from March of 1953 to February of 1955.

Would the USSR have declared war on Germany if Germany hadn27t attacked them?

Yes, if Germany didn't launched the attack onto the USSR in 1941, it's a guaranteed that the USSR would of declared war onto Germany sooner or later because the USSR would of been like Germany, increasing living space for it's people by invading and conquering other countries.

Who moved in on Germany from the east?


Was East Germany related to the USSR?

Yes, before the fall of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, East Germany (DDR) was an Eastern Bloc country, directly affiliated with the USSR.