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Q: In 1989 anti communist revolutions occured in what countries?
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How has the Communist Party of Cuba manged to hold onto power in Cuba until today ignoring the Revolutions of 1989?

Cuba never had a formalized opposition, so when the Revolutions of 1989 spread over much of the communist world, no such thing occurred in Cuba. The Communist Party was the only ideological game in town.

What event occured in eastern Europe as the soviets lost power?

The Revolutions of 1989 were the revolutions which overthrew the communist regimes in various Central and Eastern European countries.The events began in Poland in 1989, and continued in Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Romania was the only Eastern Bloc country to overthrow the regime violently. The Berlin wall also came down in Germany.

Which counties were under communist control before 1989?

Countries or Counties?

Is Hungary a communist country?

Hungary is not communist. They were before the fall of USSR. They are now democratic, but are slowly moving toward the right-wing as Jobbik has gained enough power in the government to be able to change it.

If we have third world countries what countries are second world?

Well, most of them disappeared between about 1989 and 1991. Second world countries are communist.

German reunification occured in what year?


In 1989 which region of the world were made the greatest strides towards democracy made?

Eastern Europe, particularly countries such as Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, made significant strides towards democracy in 1989. This period, known as the Revolutions of 1989, saw the fall of communist regimes and the transition to democratic systems in these countries.

When did Communist Romania end?

Communist Romania ended in 1989.

What started and ended Communism in Russia?

The two Russian Revolutions in 1917 left the Bolsheviks ('majority') in power in Russia. The end of Russian communism is debatable. The communist ideology was losing favor and losing economically by 1989. The official end of the Communist Party rule was 1991. Many communist-style structures have continued in place long after the end of communism.

When did Union of Communist Youth end?

Union of Communist Youth ended in 1989.

When did Romanian Communist Party end?

Romanian Communist Party ended in 1989.

When was Communist Party - Flanders - created?

Communist Party - Flanders - was created in 1989.