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There were several events that were called "death march". The most famous one was the Bataan Death March in 1942 on the Phillippines. Most of the death marches occurred at Prisoner of War camps in Germany. The Germans kept moving the prisoners out of reach of the advancing Russians. In late January 1945, the Stalag Luft IV in eastern Prussia evacuated approximately 6000 prisoners from the camp within sound of the Russian artillery. On 2 Feb 1945, about 4000 POWs were marched out of Stalag VIIIB(aka Stalag 344). I'm not an expert on the concentration camps but some of them may have moved prisoners. However, their main objective was to elminate the evidences of those who had died.

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The reasons why the Nazis forced people in the concentration to go on death marches in 1945 was because, at the time the Red Army and the US Military was closing onto Germany, so they wanted to kill the Jews as fast as they can without any cost. Most concentration camps at the time was low on Zyklon B and ammo, so they forced the entire camp to go on a death march. By doing this the Jews would drop dead from dehydration and starvation.

Another reason why the Inmates was forced on death marches was because, they wanted to move them away from the camp to other camps. this was because, the Allied forces was close or on their way to the camps, to liberate them.

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Q: In April 1945 why did the death march take place?
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