In marvel civil war who wins?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Iron Man did

-The battle was one in favor of the Pro-Registration Team. -Captain America surrenders to divert anymore bloodshed. The resistance is quelled and the Fifty-State Initiative is put into effect. The Avengers Initiative is organized and Tony Stark is appointed the Director of Shield as he had planned all along to safeguard the identities of his friends. Many heroes remain underground or relocate while others are granted amnesty.

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No one did, captain America turnd himself in but the "underground" heros were still there. iron man thinks he won cause "cap" wasnt fighting anymore

-Really it's sort of a win for everyone. Tony got what he wanted, his plan from the beginning was to assume control of SHIELD so that when all of the heroes had to register only HE would have knowledge of their secret identities because that's where they were most safe. The underground pretty much crumbles on itself but by the time of the Norman Osborn reign thing's are almost as they were before, there isn't an insane amount of super hero discrimination.

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the pro registration(Iron man's side)

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Q: In marvel civil war who wins?
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Is there a sequel to marvel comics civil war?

in the game marvel ultimate allience 2

Who will win the marvel civil war?

Pro-registration won.

Confederate wins in the civil war?


What is marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 about?

It is based off the civil war

Is the Marvel Secret Invasion before or after the Civil War?

Secret Invasion comes after Civil War.Civil War was a Marvel Comics crossover event storyline that ran 2006-2007. Secret Invasion was a cross-over event that ran April through December 2008.

Did iron man kill Captain America in the marvel civil war?


Where can you download marvel civil war scans?

just go and search in the torrents....

What is the overall story in the comics Civil War by Marvel?

The Marvel comic Civil War was published in 2006 and 2007 and follows the implementation and consequences of the Superhuman Registration Act. The idea of registering their superhuman powers divided the superheroes down the middle and a civil war between the two sides ensued.

Term for a war between groups whitin the same country?

Civil war or revolution depends which side wins. Its called a civil war if the war is in progress or the government wins. Its called a revolution if the rebels win.

What are the name of the marvel civil war factions?

Pro-Registration or S.H.R.A. and the Secret Avengers

What marvel hero has green hair and a lightning bolt on his suit who in Marvel Civil War was on Iron Man's Pro Registration side?

doc. samson

What marvel heroes died during the civil war?

During the Civil War storyline in Marvel comics, the Goliath (Bill Foster) and Captain America were the major heroes that died. Three other characters who died, though not specifically during the Civil War event, include Black Goliath, Stature, and Turbine.