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Q: In order to help veterans of World War 2 which of these did Congress pass?
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How do you find your benfeits from military service?

The US Veterans Administration (VA) has that information; as well as the recruiter, who has GI bill information.

How do you find the army records of your grandfather who served in world war 1?

Contact veterans affairs. It would help if you have his SSN.

How did the US help veterans of World War 2 read just after demobilization?

They were given the GI Bill to use to start businesses, go to school, and buy houses. Veterans were also given medical attention and are still receiving that care at VA hospitals and Veterans Homes.

What law was passed to help veterans go to school and buy homes after World War 2?

It was Public Law 345 entitled the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 and was known as the G.I. Bill.

Is the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation Real or Fake?

My name is Hallie Powell and I am the Executive Director of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The work we do for thousands of Veterans is not offered by other organizations and is necessary to help many of those in need get through tough times. We are often the only organization that responds to emails of desperation. If we don't help, people would suffer. Whether it is donating blankets to the homeless, giving money to a starving Veteran who lives out of his car, or paying for car repairs to help a group of Veterans get to the grocery store and doctor appointments, if there is a need, we help in whatever way we can. As a small nonprofit, we must rely on telephone fundraisers as one avenue of donation in order to help Veterans and their families who are in need. Unfortunately for us, telephone fundraising is very expensive, as it is run by for-profit fundraising companies. However, this is the only way we are able to help so many in our current capacity. We utilize all available resources to get the job done. Since 2014, we have made it a goal to expand to other methods of fundraising and increase the percentages we can give directly to Veterans. We added PayPal to our website, began applying to grant opportunities, and contacted corporate donors. Should you donate through PayPal or directly to the address listed on our website, we do not have to pay the high fees associated with telephone fundraising. These other methods of donating will help our program percentages in the future. Addendum: A quick web search shows that this is the lowest ranking charity helping Vietnam veterans. According to Charity Navigator, only about 8.3% of their revenue goes to programs. It seems that nearly any charity that uses Community Support, Inc. (CSI) as its fundraiser has bad statistics. The CEO, J. Thomas Burch, allegedly sped away in a Rolls Royce when confronted by CNN.

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Which of the groups help the veterans?

Disabled American VeteransVeterans of Foreign Wars of the United StatesVietnam Veterans of AmericaAmerican LegionMilitary Order of the Purple Heart

The gi Bill of Rights provided help to?

veterans from world war 2

When and why did Armistice Day become Veterans Day?

Alfred King, a store owner from Kansas wanted to expand Armistice Day beyond veterans of World War I to celebrate all veterans. In 1953, He campaigned locally and then, with the help of his Congressional Representative, a bill declaring it a holiday went through Congress and was signed into law on May 26, 1954 by President Dwight David Eisenhower.

Who passed the GI Bill of Rights?

More than 1 million World War II veterans enrolled in college in 1946

How do you find your benfeits from military service?

The US Veterans Administration (VA) has that information; as well as the recruiter, who has GI bill information.

How did the go bill of rights help war veterans?

How did GI Bill of Rights help World War II veterans? It provided them 1-year of unemployment benefits, and help pay for education, which encouraged veterans to go back to schools. It also offered low-interest home loans.

How do you help veterans if you are 11 years old?

How do you help veterans if someone is 11 years old?

What has the US done to help Vietnam veterans?

US Veterans Affairs.

WHO ARE considered officers of congress and their duties?

They act as a parlimentarian for congress. (keeping order and control) ~{Gummi Bear}~

What are constituent services?

Constituent services are services a member of Congress provides for their constituents. The services can include help with immigration, Social Security, military academy applications, or veterans benefits.

What are people asked to do on Veterans Day?

Thank veterans & help out in your school or community

Veterans Day project ideas?

Try to help veterans at the Sr. center.