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In the years following World War II, the countries of communist Eastern Europe were often referred to as being "behind the iron curtain." These countries were perceived as a single region based on....

Economic and political characteristics.

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Q: In the following years world war 2 the countries of communist eastern Europe were often referred to as being behind the iron curtain These countries were perceived as a single region based on?
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The Communist governments of Eastern Europe fell in 1989 after they lost the military backing of the?

There can be no such thing as a Communist government, as Communism has no state (or classes or money). The governments referred to here were state capitalist.

Is Vietnam a communist country still?

Back in 1959, North Vietnam was Communist. Until 1975 when the Americans joined the North and captured the south. Now the whole country is Communist. yes the north was communist and it now entirely communist but the Americas did NOT join the north. they went into the south to protect them from the communist because they were afraid of communist invasion as was seen in cuba with the support of the soviets, the other superpower. it wasnt until after 1975 once all the American troops had left ( referred to as vietnamization) that the North captured the south :)

By what other name is Communist China called?

During the 1960's & Nixon's 1970's (The Cold War), TV, newspapers, magazines, and the Dictionary (Random House 1969), referred to the "People's Republic of China", as Red China.

Which of the following describes what happened at the Battle of Bull Run (referred to as the Battle of Manassas in the South) in July of 1861?

Confederate reinforcements won the battle and forced the Union troops to retreat. (study island ;)

What occurred After Union troops withdrew from the South following the post civil war occupation?

If a person needs to know which occurred they will also need to include what the answer choices are. Without knowing what is being referred to when it says which, people will not know what one of them is correct.

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What is the name of the 3rd world countries called?

The term "third world countries" historically referred to countries that were not aligned with NATO or the Communist bloc during the Cold War. However, this terminology is now considered outdated and often seen as pejorative. Today, countries are more commonly referred to as developing, low-income, or emerging economies.

Are the Latin American countries considered 2nd world countries?

The term "2nd world" typically refers to the former communist/socialist countries in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Latin American countries are usually classified as "developing" or "emerging" economies, and are not typically referred to as "2nd world".

What was a key outcome of president Nixon's 1971 state of union address?

He referred to Communist China by its official name.

What is the behavior in response to orders given by respected authority figures is called?

This behavior is often referred to as obedience or compliance. It involves following instructions or commands from someone perceived as having authority or expertise.

Which countries are called a state within a state?

State within a state is a political situation in a country when an internal organ, generally from the armed forces, intelligence agencies or police, does not respond to the civilian leadership. If what are perceived as sovereign countries without independent power they are often referred to as dependencies or satellite countries.

A society that is ideal or perfect is referred to?

Utopia or a true communist state

What term is used to describe the countries of Belgium the Netherlands's and Luxembourg?

The Benelux

How is referred lower back pain defined?

Referred pain is perceived in the lower back but is caused by inflammation elsewhere--often in the kidneys or lower abdomen.

Why is Europe referred to as western and eastern Europe?

Europe is referred to as Europe. As with any continent there are various geographical regions, so that is one way that the term Eastern Europe and Western Europe arises. More commonly it comes from the political aspect, from when countries in the east of Europe were communist and countries in the west of Europe were democracies. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism, that is no longer the case, but countries in that part of Europe are still referred to as being in Eastern Europe. So it is both a geographical and political term.

What soviet controlled countries made up the iron curtain?

THe countries "behind the iron curtain" were: GDR (German Democratic Republic), Poland,Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania. Of course it was not a curtain, but Churchill referred to the dividedness of Europe with this word: the capitalist and the communist part of it.

The pain produced in an internal organ may be perceived as occurring somewhere else This is called?

Referred pain

Who referred to the Domino theory as a reason to support liberation of communist countries?

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke of it in a news conference in 1954.See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information: