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They were not allowed to play German music

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Q: In the night book what music were the Jewish prisoners not allowed to play?
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A night of anti-Jewish violence became known as?

The night of anti-Jewish violence became known as Kristallnacht OR "night of broken glass".

How did the prisoners react to the little assistant's hanging in the book Night?

they were all lost in agony

What did Jewish prisoners of war wear in concentration camps in Germany in world war 2?

they usally wore blue and white striped outfits that were worn down and that had holes. they were treated very badly and i think that the peoplle who started the holocaust should be beaten and put to death because of what they did.

What was the night of the shattered glass?

Kristallnacht or Reichskristallnacht is German for the night when the Nazis attacked Jewish people, property and synagogues. Literally "crystal night" due to the amount of shattered glass left on the ground.

What was the night when German Nazis smashed Jewish shop windows and burned Jewish temples?

Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass was an anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany and Austria on 9 to 10 November 1938. It was triggered by the assassination in Paris of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew. In a coordinated attack on Jewish people and their property, 91 Jews were murdered and 25,000 to 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps. 267 synagogues were destroyed, and thousands of homes and businesses were ransacked Kristallnacht -i.e. "Crystal night". Comes from night of broken glass. Broken glass of shop windows resembled crystals in the moonlight.

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In the book night by elie wiesel why can't the musicians play beethoven?

The musicians in the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel cannot play Beethoven because the SS officer in charge of the camp finds Beethoven to be too intellectual and high-brow for the prisoners. He wants more jovial music that will entertain the guards, rather than music that might provoke deeper thoughts or emotions.

In the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel .. why are the Jewish musicians not allowed to play music by the beethoven?

The Jewish musicians are not allowed to play music by Beethoven because the Nazis considered his music as "degenerate art" due to Beethoven's German heritage, which conflicted with the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy. Additionally, the Nazis sought to suppress any expression of culture that did not align with their perceived racial hierarchy.

What did emblems on the German helmets symbolize in the book night?

The emblems on the German helmets in the book "Night" symbolize the oppressive force of the Nazi regime and its power over the Jewish prisoners. They serve as a reminder of the dehumanization and control imposed by the Germans upon the prisoners during the Holocaust.

Why is Louis forbidden to play beethoven in the book night?

Louis is forbidden to play Beethoven in the book "Night" because the Nazis associate Beethoven's music with high culture and view it as representative of German heritage. The Nazis aimed to eradicate all aspects of Jewish culture and identity, so playing Beethoven, a German composer, was seen as inappropriate for a Jewish violinist like Louis.

Who is zalman in the book night?

In the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel, Zalman is a young Jewish boy who was part of the group of prisoners forced to march to Gleiwitz during the Holocaust. He falls behind during the march and is trampled to death during the chaos. His death is a devastating moment that highlights the brutal conditions and desperation faced by prisoners in the concentration camps.

What was important about the whip in the book Night?

The whip symbolizes the cruelty and dehumanization that the prisoners faced in the concentration camps. It was a tool used by the SS officers to inflict pain and maintain control over the inmates, further illustrating the extreme suffering and brutality experienced by the Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust.

Who is pipel in the book night?

In the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel, Pipel is a young Jewish boy who was hanged by the Nazi guards for aiding in an act of sabotage. Despite his young age, Pipel's execution serves as a powerful example of the dehumanization and brutality faced by Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust.

How do you get to the night club roof?

During certain parties (Music Jam,puffle party,and christmas party) member penguins are allowed access to the night club roof.

Where did the prisoners in the book Night finally stop their march?

The prisoners in the book Night finally stopped their march at the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.

What is a sentence with the word confined?

The prisoners were confined to their cells for the night.

A night of anti-Jewish violence became known as?

The night of anti-Jewish violence became known as Kristallnacht OR "night of broken glass".

In the book Night why aren't the musicians allowed to play beethoven?

because beethoven was a German and they dont allow the jews to play german music