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annexation of countries with large populations of Serbs

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Q: In the years leading up to World War 1 nationalists in Serbia were outraged at Austria-Hungary due to its?
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Austria issued Serbia a ten-part ultimatum in response to what?

Austria issued Serbia a 10-part ultimatum in response to the role of Serbian and Slavic nationalists in the assassination of the Austrian archduke.

Leading country of pan-Slavism?

Russia, Serbia

How do you make an call to Serbia from India?

+381 is code for Serbia, then you need to know what city you are calling and add its number. For example: code for Belgrade-capital of Serbia is 011, but you drop the leading 0 for international calls. Dial 00 = international access prefix from India 381 = country code for Serbia Serbian area code, without leading zero local number

Why did the war began World War 1?

Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assinated by Serbian nationalists. Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia, allied with Serbia, declared war on Austria, Germany declared war on Russia, England and France declared war on Both.

Who wanted to invade Serbia in World War 1?

The Austro-Hungarian Empire.In June 1914, the heir to the Austrian throne was murdered in Sarajevo, by Bosnian nationalists- Bosnia was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time, and Sarajevo is Bosnia's capital city. These nationalists were believed by the Austrian government to have been supported by intelligence agents from nearby Serbia, a country Austria already didn't like (and vice versa). Serbians and Bosnians are related ethnic groups, so Serbia (supposedly) wanted to help their Bosnian cousins break away from Austria.After the assassination, Austria issued a list of demands to the Serbian government, saying that if Serbia did not accept allof them, then Austria would attack. Serbia accepted all but one (from what I understand, the Serbian constitution at the time forbade them from accepting it), and Austria declared war on Serbia, which began World War I.

Small European nation in which an austro-Hungarian heir was killed leading to the outbreak of world war 1?


Why were Serbian nationalists angry when Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary visited Bosnia?

They saw Austrians as oppressive foreign rulers.

How did nationalism influence world war 1?

Serbian nationalism is arguably the entire cause of World War 1. On a very important anniversary for the Serbians, Arch-Duke Ferdinand, the symbol of Serbia's oppression to the nationalists, held a parade in their country. Nationalists then assassinated him on that day, though only after a few mishaps. This became the declaration of war for the Great War.

How do you make calls from US to Serbia?

Serbia is country code +381. The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here"; from the US, that's 011. Also, you need to drop the leading '0' from the Serbian number.

Did World Wars 1 and 2 start for the same reason?

no world war 1 was the result of serbian nationalists killing the austrain king. austria and Germany declared war on Serbia and France and Britain were in alliance with Serbia so were dragged in. world war II started because nazi Germany invaded cezhoslovakia so Britain responded by declaring war.

Is Serbia rich country for Indian people?

Serbia doesn't have high average salaries (10 000$ per year) but it is one of the leading states in the Balkan peninsula, and it is expected to triple her GDP by the year 2019. Serbia's major national interest is to become member of the European Union within the next six years.

Explain why Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia?

Serbia's organization, the black hand, was behind the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, the heir to the throne. There were also many long-term causes leading up to this, but this was the event that set everything in motion