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The WAAC filled vital roles in the stateside administration of the Army, short staffed due to men being sent overseas.

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Q: In what ways did members of the women's auxiliary corps contribute to the war effort?
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What was the womens navy service WAFS in the 1940's?

Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron

What were the WAAFs?

The WAAF was the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. This was the Women section of the RAF. Formed in the 1930s, the WAAF was originally designed to do mundane tasks so freeing up men for more challenging activities. (Such was the thinking at the time). However once in service the women soon proved themselves.

One of the major contributions by the civilian war effort included?

womens nursing and medical aid

Who were the WAACs?

Womens Auxiliary Army Corp founded during the Great War (WWI) by the Government in order to act as a voluntary service for women. Later they became just WAC womens army corp. Founded on May 14, 1942.

Who organized the womens auxiliary army corps?

In WW2 , Oveta Culp Hobby , was the 1st commanding officer of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps which was renamed Women's Army Corps . ~ Additional information at the related link below .

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Does the womens army corp still exist?

No. The members of the Women's Army Corps were assimilated into the Regular Army in 1978.

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What was Oveta Culp Hobby famous for?

She was the head of the Womens Auxiliary Army Corp, later just the Womens Army Corps - the WACs. She was selected for this job by President Roosevelt, and directly commissioned as a US Army colonel. Later promoted to general, I think the first female general ever. A no-nonsense woman, who got things done.

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