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the first most important battle of ww1 was the battle of somme !!!!!!!!!!! Jutland in the North Sea in 1916. Verdun in the valley of the Meuse. There are other possible answers, depending on your point of view.

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Probably the Battle of the Somme. The battle was planned by British Commander in Chief, Sir Douglas Haig. He decided they would attack the Germans with an eight-day preliminary bombardment. A preliminary bombardment was when an army would bombard enemy defenses with all available heavy artillery. Haig thought that it would destroy all forward German defenses, allowing the attacking British troops to walk across No Man's Land and take possession of the German front lines from the German troops, who would be dead or injured from the attack. But the artillery failed to destroy either the German front line barbed wire or the strong concrete bunkers the Germans had built. Many of the British munitions had turned out to be badly constructed and ineffective, and so most of them did not go off. The Germans had effective shelter in the bunkers, and most of them were completely unharmed by the attack. For the British, the battle was a complete failure. This battle was important in the outcome of the war, because it killed 58,000 British troops - one third of them had been killed, even though the attack was their plan. However, this didn't result in the Germans winning the war.

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Battle of Mons (August - September 1914)

Battle of Tannenberg (August 1914)

Battle of the Marne (September 1914)

1st Battle of Ypres (October - November 1914)

Battle of Lodz (November - December 1914)

The Dardanelles campaign (February 1915 - January 1916)

2nd Battle of Ypres (April - May 1915)

Battle of Tarnopol (September 1915)

Battle of Loos (September - October 1915)

Battle of Verdun (February - December 1916)

The Easter Rising (April 1916)

Battle of Jutland (May - June 1916)

Brusilov Offensive (June - August 1916)

Battle of the Somme (July - November 1916)

Russian Revolution (March 1917)

Battle of Arras (April - May1917) - includes battle of Vimy Ridge

3rd Battle of Ypres (July - November 1917) - includes 1st and 2nd battles of Passchendaele

2nd Verdun Offensive (August - December 1917)

Battle of Cambrai (November - December 1917)

Capture of Jerusalem (December 1917)

4th Battle of Ypres (April - May 1918)

Battle of the Aisne (May - June 1918)

Albanian Offensive (July 1918)

Battle of the Marne (July - August 1918)

2nd Battle of the Somme (August - September 1918)

2nd Battle of Arras (August - September 1918)

Advance in Flanders (September - October 1918)

In addition to these battles there were extended campaigns in Russia, Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Balkans.

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battle of Vege Vimy Ridge and Someone Somme
Lol haha i was here on this page 12-3-2009 10:30 in coach boyds class at mphs
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World War I had many important battles including the Battle of Passchendaele and the Battle of Tannenberg. The Battle of Passchendaele lasted 3 months 6 days.

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Most of the battles of World War One took place on the western front. They took place inside of France and Belgium. Not a single battle took place in Germany.

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Q: In which two countries did most of the battles take place in World War 1?
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Europe was where most of the battles in WW2 took place and most of the countries involved were European. If you are reffering to a specific country, then answers will vary.

During World War II where did most of Italy's battles take place?

In Africa.

Where did world war1 take place?

In Europe. World War 1 was a global war. Europe was the site of most of the major battles, battles also took place in Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

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There were two countries that saw most of the fighting, as the Western Front stretched across France and Belgium. I am not aware of which country got the worst of it. Probably France because they had the two Battles of the Somme.

Where did the majority of the battles take place in ww1?

Most of the actual combat that occurred during World War I took place on the mainland of Europe, with both a Western and an Eastern Front active for most of the war. Clashes on land and at sea occurred elsewhere around the world, however, especially in the Middle East but even as far afield as the Pacific Basin.

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