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World War One. Precise figures are impossible because of incomplete Russian totals from both world wars, but there is agreement that more soldiers died in World War One than in World War Two. Many millions of soldiers died in both world wars.

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For the US: the US Civil War (1861-1865) for the obvious reason we were fighting each other (Americans killing Americans); Southerners fighting Northerners.

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In the War of humanity

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Q: In which war did the most people died?
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How did War affect people?

Most died...

In which war did most people died?


What day in World War 1 did most people die?

25 million people died

How many people died in the spanish civil war?

about...317, 482 people died in the Spanish civil war

How was World War 1 experienced by military and civil population?

most people died

What you know about World War I?

the countries had dug trenches (a long narrow ditch) to avoid enemy fire however most people who was involved in the war had not died from each but died from diseases, the trenches were horrible rats lived there and many people died there. world war 1 was the worst war.

In what war did most American die?

The American Civil War takes first place. During that war, 600 people died each day (on average) and by the end about 625,000 people had died. That was 2% of the entire US population.

In the civil war how many people from Iowa died as a prisoner of war?

Most of the prisoners were eventually let go but about 6,500 prisoners died in Iowa Prsions and camps

Why did people died in war?

You is might be the most stupidest person I ever meeted. Please go back to high school to finde out how peeple done did died in that there war.

How many people died in the civil war and what caused the majority of soldiers to die?

Over 258,000 Confederates, and 359,000 union troops died in the war. Most died from diseases like measles and dysentary.

Who is thankful for the people who died in war?

I am very thankful for the people who died in war. Everyone should be thankful for them.

How many people died by knife in the civil war?

31464 people died and most were raped with da penis in yo mouth, then tortured by licking pubic hairs