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men would visit a recruiting office if they were 17 or over. if the army was low on soldiers, they would randomly pick men out from a crowd.

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Q: In ww1 how did the army get soldiers?
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How many soldiers were there in the English army in ww1?

140,000 fresh troops

At what time in ww1 did regular soldiers fight?

Regular soldiers were already in the army at the start of the war. They were the professionals

How did soldiers volunteer for ww1?

they could sign up to the army commissioners who would then train them in the army before they went to fight.

Were any of the WW1 soldiers gay?

Most likely, yes. However, the armies they worked for did not allow gay soldiers to serve in the army, so they had to pretend that they were straight.

Why did conscription occur in WW1?

Conscription occurred in world war 1 because the army's started running out of soldiers and the needed more men to fight.

Did soldiers get sick in ww1?


Who was in charge of the soldiers in ww1?


When did soldiers orf ww1 come home?

when the ww1 ended and if they were very hurt

What is a group of soldiers called?

An army of soldiers or a troop of soldiers or a platoon of soldiers.

What were blacks jobs on homefront in ww1?

They were soldiers.

Which county has the most soldiers in ww1?


Did soldiers wear socks in ww1?

yes they did.