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internet was first used for military purpose which used the concept of packet networking. ARPANET was the first internet protocol to be used for communication.

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Q: Internet was first used for military purpose?
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Which country did the internet come from?

it was first used in the United States, for their military.

How the idea came to usa to make internet?

IT was used in its basic format by the military first and developed from there

What was the internet used for in the beginning?

world it was used for the us military

What purpose you used computer in banking system?

purpose of internet banking

How was the World Wide Web first setup and how does the internet get into operation?

I know who used it but i don't know how it operates. it was first used by the military forces to gather information i'd guess. i have no idea how it works.

Who used the internet in 1957?

The internet was not known until the mid-1960's within the military.

How can the Internet be used to monitor soldiers in the military field?

Internet is used to track the soldier activities. Through the help of internet and soldiers are continuously updated for their task.

What is meant by military technology?

technology that is developed meant to be used for military purpose only. example the gps navigation devices were at one point only used by the military.

What was the earliest usage of the Internet?

the term internet was first used in 1982 by eldon the term internet was first used in 1982 by eldon

How was the concept of the Internet developed?

The concept of the Internet was developed during the Cold War. It was meant as a way for scientists and other "important" people to be able to connect and communicate using high-speed lines, no matter where they were.

What country had the idea of the internet?

The United States was actually the birthplace of the internet. Military and University institutions used early iterations of the internet before it became public in 1989.

What was the nuclear reactor first used for?

It was used first for plutonium production for military purposes.