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No he killed 6 million Jews.

Hitler was no leader. he was a murderer ruthless. evil, Satan incarnate,

Germans hate him more than UK. best thing Hitler ever did was Die,

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Adolf Hitler is a bad leader.

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Q: Is Adolf Hitler a good or a bad military leader?
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Who was Adolf Hitler in one sentence?

Hitler is good man in the world

What were some achievements of Adolf Hitler?

Hitler was an AMAZING dictator, sure he had bad ideas, but he brought a whole new military style and weapons to the world, if it wasn't for Hitler, we would not have as good of military technology

Who were the worst leaders of all time?

Well, good examples would be Al Capone, wretched mafia leader, Adolf Hitler, insane German leader, and Osama Binladen, terrorist leader.

What was Adolf Hitler like as a dictator?

He was a good leader for Germany as he brought its economy and people back, but he also did many bad things that unfortunately overpower the good he did.

When was klara Hitler born?

Klara Hitler was the Mother of Adolf Hitler and Paula.When hitlers father died she took on taking roll as the supervisor of Adolf Hitler and his sister Paula.

What did Adolf Hitler do good for his country?

yes he was good as hell

Was Adolf Hitler a good ruler?

No. He was genocidal monster.

Why was Adolf Hitler a good liar?

Hitler learned that people will believe a big lie.

Do you have pictures of Adolf Hitler?

There is a good picture at link below.

What was Adolf Hitler's strength?

He was a very good public speaker.

Was Adolph Hitler baptised?

Yes. Adolf Hitler was baptised in the Roman Catholic church.

Did Adolf Hitler have any qualities?

Hitler had lots of qualities, most of them weren't very good though.