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Archduke Ferdinand's full name was:

Franz Ferdinand Karl Ludwig Josef Von Habsburg-Lothringen

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Q: Is Archduke Ferdinand's full name
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What was the name of Archduke Franz Ferdinands wife?

Sophia of Hohenburg.

What was archduke franz ferdinands wife wearing on the 28th of June 1914?


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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinands wife?

Her shooting can be viewed as collateral damage, since she was not an intended target of the assassinatioon plot.

What did austria Hungary do after archduke franz ferdinands assassination?

Austria-Hungary declared war on serbia and Germany joined because it was allied with austria.

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What country supported to kill archduke franz Ferdinand?

Serbia because they wanted to be an independent country, however austria-Hungary wanted to rule them to make a larger empire and it was franz ferdinands idea

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Who is archaduke franzs?

His full name is Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, meaning he was next in line for the throne. He was assassinated in Sarejevo, Bosnia, by a Serbian nationalist sparking the Great War.

Name of Duke franz ferdinands father?

His father was Archduke Karl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria (July 30, 1833 - May 19, 1896) His mother was Princess Maria Annunziata Isabella Filomena Sabasia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (March 24, 1843 - May 4, 1871)

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