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It would depend on which 'army' you are referring to. Generally, a Field Marshall is the highest rank in an army.

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Q: Is Field Marshall higher than General?
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Why was field marshal haig a good leader?

Field Marshall Haig was also considered a good leader rather than being a butcher because of two reasons. Firstly, he knew what he had to do to save the country, he sacrificed the lives of the soldiers to protect the other thousand lives in Britain. This is shown when Field Marshall Haig says, " losses are bound to be heavy on both sides, for in the price of victory is paid." Moreover, this is portrayed when Field Marshall Haig encourages his men when he says, " no superiority of arms and ammunition however great will enable victories to be won without sacrifice of men's lives." Secondly, the methods he used in the war were very wise and in line with that period of time. Other than that he was a total butcher because he sent thousands to their deaths and spoke about it like if it was no big deal, in my opinion he was not a great leader.

Is a Major in the Air Force a higher rank than a Lt. Colonel?

no Lt. Colonel is higher Air Force Ranks: 2nd Lt, 1st Lt, Capt, Major, Lt Col, Col, Brig. Gen., Lt. Gen., Maj. Gen., General, then General of the air force ( which is like a 5 star general and normally only during time of war there will be one Dear Mr. William Galloway, With due respect to you, Mr. Galloway, I think Lt. General is one rank higher than Maj. General. In the order that you have mentioned the ranks in your posting, it appears that it is the other way. As far as my knowledge is concerned, a major general carries two stars while a lieutenant general carries three, a full pledge general, four. A brigadier general one. You are right on five-star general. As you surely know, among five-star generals were Gen. Omar Bradley, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Pres. Dwight Eisenhower, to name just three.

What was the long-range plan that helped Europe recover from World War 2?

Europe following World War Two was in economic ruin. Six years of fighting had left the economies of Europe devastated. To counter-act this, United States State Department developed "The Marshall Plan" (officially known as the European Recovery Program), which involved the United States giving $17 billion in economic support to European countries following the war. The plan was put into action in April 1948, and helped spur on an incredible recovery of Europe's economies.

Who has a higher rank Commander Fox or Captain Rex?

In organizations which have both ranks, Captain (US O6) is a higher rank than Commander (US O5). However, armies also use the title Captain, except it's a lower pay grade (US O3, equivalent to a naval Lieutenant). Military rank and organization in Star Wars is pretty convoluted, since in the movies the terms "Admiral" and "General" seem to refer to individuals within the same service (with Admiral being the higher of the two). This does not happen on Earth: Admiral and General are equivalent ranks (US O10) used in different branches of the service. Wow this is that same guy star wars ain't Real Life you know. Ranks are way further apart than ours Commander in star wars is higher than Captain

Did the french support Hitler?

In general, no, the French did NOT support Hitler. However, there were a pocket of French that believed they could not stop the Germans, so better to cooperate than to get beat. Among them were Henri' Petain, General of WWI, with honors. Gen. Petain became Marshall Petain and headed up the Nazi puppet government in Vichy, France. The French ran an elaborate underground reistance headed by Charles DeGaulle from England via radio.

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Are there any higher ranks in the british army than field marshal?

No, Field Marshall is the highest rank in the army. Even very few get promoted to this.

Is there a ranking higher than a general?

depending on what level the general is (O-7 thru O-10) there should be. The highest rank in general is General of the Army/Air Force/ etc. Above that is the Commander in Chief also known as the President of the United States.

Is there a higher position that a general pediatrician?

A higher position than a general pediatrician would be a surgeon or head pediatrician in a hospital. Many medical jobs are on an even playing field and there are few head positions.

Who is higher colonel or lieutenant colonel?

Colonel is higher than a Lieutenant-Colonel. BTW, a Lieutenant- General is higher than a Major-General.

Is a Lt higher than a Lt commander?

no a lt general is higher

Why is lieutenant general a higher rank than major general?

Because a Major General use to be refered as a Sergeant Major General which made the Lieutenant General the higher rank.

Is major rank higher than lieutenant colonel?

Highest - lowest. # Field Marshal (Only awarded as an honour) # General # Lieutenant General # Major General # Brigadier # Colonel # Lieutenant Colonel # Major # Captain # Lieutenant # Second Lieutenant # Officer Cadet

What is the break even analysis?

This is when the demand meets supply (in business sense) but on a general level it's an equal playing field,neither is higher or lower than the other one.

Which is the higher position general police or general army?

general army is a higher position than general police as general police is two star rank whereas general army has five star rank.

Is a General Manager higher than a financial manager?


Is being a General officer higher than being a General officer of the staff?

Not necessarily - it is different duties.

In Brazilian military which is higher in rank than a General?

Marshal (Marechal)