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From 1954 to 1975, Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel. In April, 1975, North Vietnam troops accepted the surrender of South Vietnam from its president, thereby unifying Vietnam into a single country.

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2012-05-02 17:11:59
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Q: Is Vietnam politically divided
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What effect did Vietnam war have on domestic U.S. politics?

It divided the country politically and led to numerous civilian protests against the war.

How did the Vietnam war affect the US politically?


How is Romania divided politically?

Romania is divided in județe (counties).

Politically what was going on in the 1960s?

Beatles, Vietnam conflicts, hippies

What divied all continent?

Continents are politically divided as well as geographically divided.

What effect did the Vietnam War have on domestic U.S. politics?

The Vietnam War led to President Johnson's (Dem) decision not to run for re-election, which enabled Richard Nixon (Rep) to win the next 2 elections. It led to a distrust of American political figures that continues today, and the war led to the elimination of the draft and the implementation of the all-volunteer military.

What was the view of congress in Vietnam war?

The non-politically correct answer is: As long as THEIR SON wasn't in Vietnam, it was business as usual.

What did the Geneva accords provide for?

It forced French troops to leave Vietnam and divided Vietnam into two countries. (A)

When was Vietnam is divided?


What is the national liberation front in Vietnam?

The politically correct title of the VIET CONG.

How was the US involved politically in Vietnam before the Vietnam war?

Our political liaisons supported a free election type government in South Vietnam from the beginning in 1955.

What year was Vietnam first divided?

Vietnam was divided into north and south at the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords of 1954.

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