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good guy

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Q: Is ghost rider a good guy or a bad guy?
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Is ghost rider a good guy or bad guy?

good guy

What are some related facts about santan?

he is the bad guy in ghost rider

Who is the best superhero or super villain in the world?

Ghost rider!!! and carnage is the best super villain ps: ghost rider good guy💀

Is ghost rider bad or good?

well it depends on what comic series you are talking about, if you are talking about the comic book at all. the first ghost rider was a western comic book about a man who fakes his death and hunts down the wicked men of the old west the 2nd ghost rider sold his soul to the devil to save his old stunt bike mentor (who was like a father to him) from cancer (so the devil kills him in a bike accent) and with that soul he bonds a demons soul to his (zarthos if you are wandering) and he acts as a spirit of vengeance to kill the wicked, murders, gang members, other demons etc. so he was a good guy 2099 ghost rider i don't know a lot about so skip him then there is Daniel ketch who found the 2nd ones bike and got fused with the demon on accident he was about the same as the modern ghost rider but the story and Daniels attitude about it, its basically lost because he doesn't know any thing about the devil or zarthos and there is ultimate ghost rider who is a servant of the devil so his long term girl friend wont get killed by a cult who worships the devil and his children so he was a bad guy kinda

Is Rosalina a good guy or a bad guy?


Is dracula a good guy or a bad guy?

bad guy

Is Dobby the house elf a bad guy or a good guy?

Good guy with good intentions but bad ideas.

Who is the villain in the first Alex Rider novel?

The villian, or bad guy is Yassen Gregorovich.

Is a pilot a good guy or a bad guy?

I Don't See him he do good or bad

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Good guy

Is yamcha a bad guy or a good guy?

a good guy

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good guy!