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Hana Brady and her family were jewish. Hana was a happy young girl living a normal life until the Nazis invaded Germany and then Nove Mesto(A town in czechhoslovakia) They were taken to Theresienstadt and put in concentration camps. Hanas brother George Brady had Plumbing skills so the Nazis deported him to work camp but Hana got deported to death camp in Aushwitz. She was eventually killed in the Gas Chamber on October 23 1944...

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yes of course! a great book to! bec xx

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Q: Is hana's suitcase a true story?
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hana's suitcase is a true story

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she is the finder of information in hanas suitcase without her and small wings this story wouldnt be known!xx

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hanas helper

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in march 2000,a suitcase arrived at a children holocaust educational center in Tokyo ,japan .on the outside ,in white paint,were these words

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that you should not be judged on religion and that even a little girl was harmed by evil natzies

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its a true story and also to know how sad they were back then

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i have to say when hitler died i think thats when they stop being killed listen who ever is reading this go right now and buy a hanas suitcase book its going to tell u what jewish people been through and to understand it

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