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no, there were more in the north than the south

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Q: Is it true More emancipation societies existed in the South than in the North before 1830?
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Were there more emancipation societies in the South than in the North before 1830?


Sorry existed here for a century before it insisted in North America?

yes it did

Where were the most developed agricultural societies in North America before the arrival of the Europeans?

The southwest.

What was the native population of north America before 1492?

In the millions of Native Americans societies.

Did slavery existed only in the Southern Colonies?

No. Slavery also existed in the Northern colonies before and after the American Revolution. It became less common by 1790 in the north.

Can a 17 yr old be emancipated in north carolina?

In North Carolina, a minor who is 16 years or older may petition the court for emancipation. However, the minor must demonstrate that they can financially support themselves, manage their own affairs, and that emancipation is in their best interest. The court will consider various factors before granting emancipation.

Emancipation age in NC?

In North Carolina, the age of emancipation for child support purposes is 18 unless the child is still in high school, in which case it extends until age 20.

Can a 15-year-old get an emancipation from their parents in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, a 15-year-old cannot get emancipated from their parents. Emancipation typically requires the individual to be at least 16 years old, financially independent, and able to demonstrate the capability to live independently.

What did Anglo Saxons contribute to Louisiana?

Nothing. They were centuries before anyone knew North America existed

Members of the peace societies in the North were often called?

Members of the peace societies in the North were often called Copperheads.

Who discovered the moose?

Animals such as the Moose have co-existed with man in North America from long before records began.

How long were the Indians in North America before Columbus came?

The Native Americans arrived thousands of years before the first Europeans and had very evolved societies.