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It is not true. Neutrality, as pertains to war, means that a country is choosing not to participate in the war. They are choosing not to join any side and want to be left alone.

Sometimes a neutral country does choose a side- like Italy during World War I (they had chosen not to join the Central Powers, and then were basically bribed by the Allies to join their side), or Belgium during both World Wars (both times they were invaded by Germany, despite being neutral). But when this happens, the country ceases to be neutral.

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Q: Is it true that neutrality is the ability to choose sides during war?
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Why did Spain refuse to choose sides during World War 1?

Spain was a neutral state in the very contentious pre-war years and merely continued this policy of neutrality when World War I broke out. It continued its neutrality until the commencement of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Why did the neutrality laws fail to prevent Americas growing involvement with the military conflicts in Europe and Asia?

Americans were choosing sides, even if they did not join the war. Plus the different sides were forcing America choose.

Not taking sides in a conflict or war?


What is the mathematical symbol for neutrality?

Neutrality is a political concept, not a mathematical concept. It means not taking sides.

Principle of not taking sides in war that Madison encouraged?


What is the principal of not taking sides in a war called?

Not taking sides in a war is called neutrality

Could you give me a sentence with neutrality proclamation?

The neutrality proclamation stated that the country would not take sides in the conflict.

What were two sides that colonists had to choose between during the revolution?

loyalists and patriots

What is therapist neutrality?

Neutrality means that the analyst does not take sides in the patient's conflicts, express feelings about the patient, or talk about his or her own life.

What did the neutralist believe in?

The neutralists believed in neutrality during the war. They did not believe in taking sides. Many of them were pacifists that did not believe in fighting at all like the Quakers.

What did Washington's neutrality proclamation states?

This Neutrality Proclamation stated that the United States would not take sides with any European countries that were at war.

When did the neutrality act start?

There were 3 neutrality acts. The first one was in 1935, the second in 1936, and the third in 1937. Neutrality act of 1935-no shipment to countries at war. Neutrality act of 1936-no loans to countries at war. Neutrality act of 1937-no arms to opposing sides of the Spanish Civil War.