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Yes, but please also have a look at the related question.

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Q: Is it true that the US government consistently resisted calls to make an Allied effort to save Jews caught in the Holocaust?
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Who resisted the Nazi movement?

The allied forces.

How did the allied forces discover the holocaust?

evidence from the survivors

What happened at liberation in the Holocaust?

Allied forces liberated camps.

How did the Holocaust in Germany stop?

The Allied forces defeated Germany.

What concluded the Holocaust?

The various camps were liberated by the Allies, and the Allied victory over Germany put a definitive end to the Holocaust.

Who were allied government leaders during World War 2?

who were allied government leaders

When did the Nazi holocaust end?

May of 1945 when Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces.

How was the Holocaust hidden from the allied powers until the end of the war?

it was hidden due to the fact that the allied power did not believe them until they went there and discovered them

Why did allied countries not get involved in helping holocaust victims?

because they were looking after their own people

What did people in Allied countries think when they heard about the Holocaust in World War 2?

what did people think of the holocaust that was reported during world war two?

Who Was credited for ending the holocaust?

No single person takes credit, they were simply liberated by allied forces in about 1945

What happened after Allied leaders agreements the Germany?

The holocaust ended and so did the concentration camps. hope i helped:D!!