Is lead explosive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no lead is not an is a metal on the periodic table. It is also in your pencils!

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Q: Is lead explosive
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A powerful explosive that starts with le?


Is mt shasta a explosive or a non-explosive volcano?

Mount Shasta is considered a potentially explosive stratovolcano due to its composition of andesite and dacite lava which can lead to explosive eruptions. However, its most recent eruptions have been relatively non-explosive with mainly effusive lava flows.

What is the strongest explosive MATERIAL known to man?

One of the strongest explosive materials known to man is Octanitrocubane, which has a higher explosive yield than traditional explosives like TNT or RDX. However, due to its high sensitivity and difficulty in handling, it is not widely used.

What part of the lead vehicle must be placard when towing an explosive laden trailer?


Why can a lead acid battery be an explosive hazard?

They produce hydrogen during charge and discharge.

What type of lava tends to lead to non-explosive eruptions?

Basic lava is low in viscosity.

Can you see tears in the rain?

You cannot see tears in the rain, the clouds lead to instant evaporation. Don't try it. It may lead to explosive diarrhea.

What occurs when the pressure of an explosion expanded and tears the casing of the explosive?

When the pressure of an explosion expands and tears the casing of the explosive, it results in the release of the explosive material and the creation of a shockwave. This can lead to widespread damage and destruction in the surrounding area, depending on the size and strength of the explosion.

Why can lava be explosive or non explosive?

Lava can be explosive if it is high in gas content, such as dissolved water vapor or carbon dioxide, which can cause pressure to build up and lead to explosive eruptions. On the other hand, lava can be non-explosive if it is low in gas content and flows more easily without building up pressure, resulting in effusive eruptions with slower lava flows.

Is Mount Rainier an explosive or non explosive volcano why or why not?

Mount Rainier is considered an explosive volcano due to its thick, sticky lava that tends to trap gases which can lead to violent eruptions. Additionally, the presence of significant amounts of water in the volcanic system can further amplify the explosivity of eruptions.

What type of overall material to wear when handle explosive?

You have to wear clothes with an inside lining of lead and an outside lining of thermite :)

Which is good battery - Nickel-iron battery or Lead Acid battery?

lead acid gives you more usage.nickel iron is less explosive. you decide dude. until next time...........