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Almost all countries, states, provinces and cities keep a record of those who fought in World War 2, with various degrees of accuracy and detail. Government and historical buildings in Saipan are very likely to have records of those who fought in World War 2.

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Q: Is there a list of world war 2 marines in saipan?
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Who was the Pied Piper of Saipan in World War 2?

Marine Private Guy Gabaldon who persuaded 1,500 Japanese civilians and troops to surrender on Saipan. He was a Mexican American who served as a Japanese linguist in the 2nd Marines and was recommended for the Medal of Honor, but was given the Silver Star for his accomplishment. The Silver Star was eventually upgraded to the Navy Cross.

When was the invasion of Saipan during World War 2?

15 June 1944,

What was the small island base used by B-29s to bomb Japan in World War 2?

There were several (e.g. Saipan, Tinian, Guam) but I don't have full list now.

When did world war 2 happened on saipan?

15 June - 9 July 1944 .

How many Marine Corps tankers won the Medal of Honor in World War 2?

Gunnery Sergeant Robert McCard (Saipan) and Sergeant Grant Timmerman (Saipan).

What was meant by the letters HAM during World War 2?

During World War II male marines often referred to female marines as being BAMs which stood for BROAD ASSED MARINES. The female marines returned the favor by referring to male marines as HAMs which stood for HAIRY ASSED MARINES.

Was there a minimum height for US Marines in world war 2?

Minimum height US marines

What Academy Award winning actor was wounded in the World War 2 Battle of Saipan?

Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin War Hero?

Lee Marvin was a war hero from World War II. He was awarded the Purple Heart in 1945. He was wounded during the Battle of Saipan.

Was actor Robert Stack listed in the Marines in World War 2?

No he was in the Navy.

Did us marines serve in europe during world war 2?

No, not as ground forces, although they did serve in France during World War 1. US Navy battleships and cruisers in the European Theater during World War 2 would have typically carried a small number of US Marines.

Why did the US Marine Corps join in the world war 2?

The Marines are a branch of the United States military and thus served because the US went to war--it's not like the marines had a choice!