Is there alience

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes there is aliens we see aliens before.Before some years there were sign of aliens but nowadays there is no sign i don't know why may be it is because it is destroyed by explosion of stars or some thing.

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Q: Is there alience
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Full form of nda?

national democratic alience and NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY

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Terynay Glover from the institution of goronics studies of breast cancer alience.

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It's hard to say since this is a very general question, but in general, the most famous gaming character that most people would know is probably Mario. This is most likely because of the history to Mario, so all generations from at least the baby boomer generation can relate to him. For example (in the 1980's) , if a Parent's child had a nintendo, the parent would probably have bought him at the very least, Mario. Bros., as it was very popular. In the 1990's, Mario's popularity had increased, with games like Dr. Mario (Gameboy), Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64), and Mario Party (Nintendo 64). Today, Mario popularity has skyrocketed, with games like Mario Kart (Nintendo Wii) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo Wii). With generations from baby boomer to today, Mario is a character in which those generations can relate to in some way, which is why I would say that Mario is probably the most famous gaming character in general.

Who are the mounted heroes in Lord of the Rings battle for Middle-earth 2?

The mounted heros in LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth are...Theodon - King of Rohan He is killed by The witch king in the 3rd book.Eomer - Third Marshal of Rohan and eir to the throne of Rohan.Eowyn - Sheild Maiden of Rohan.Gandalf - Wizard (like a Deme god he lives exstreamly long) He is a servant of the secret fire. In the beginning of the Movie he is known as Gandalf the Grey then he falls down in Moria , thought to be dead , but returns in the 2nd movie as Gandalf the White. He also appears in The Hobit. He is one of the companions of the ring. Gandolf gets to mount his horse at lvl 10._____________________________________________________________________Some other Main Characters from Lord of the Rings the Trilogy are...Frodo Baggins - Nephew of Bilbo Baggins, one of the main characters of The Hobbit where he found the ring. Frodo was the Ring Bearer. He is one of the companions of the ring.Samwise Gamgee - He was Frodos gardener and was intrusted to help Frodo destroy the ring. Many times in the Trilogy Frodo would have died without Sam. Sam is brave and kind hearted. He did anything he could to protect his friends and even saved the bewitched Frodo destroy the ring. He is one of the companions of the ring.Perigan Took (aka Pippin) - Pippin comes from one of the stranger families in the Shire and is a Distant cousin of Frodo (Bilbo Baggins is a son a bagins and a took) He and his friend Merry could get of the worst situations with a crazy small act. They were dedicated to helping there friends. He is one of the comepanions of the ring.Meriadoc Brandybuck (aka Merry) - Friend of Pippan. Very courages and smarter than most hobbits are. Him and his friend Pippin are dedicated to helping there friends.Merry and Pippin are responisble for convincing the Ents to destroy Isengard. He is one of the Companions of the Ring.Gollum (aka Smealgal) - Gollum was once a hobbit. His cousin Deagol found the ring of power at the bottom of the river while fishing. Smeagal murdered him for it. The ring prolonged his life and through that time comepleatly destroyed him. He forgot nearly everything and was completely corupt because of the one ring. He hid in the Misty Mountains for years and in the book the Hobit Bilbo finds the ring of power. Golum comes out to find Bilbo but fails. He becomes Frodo and Sams guild to Mordor, secretly ploting to kill them with Shelobs help.Aragorn - Ranger of the North who lived in Rivendell for most of the years of his life. Aragorn was one of the dunadan, men blessed with long life. He is Isildurs eir, old king of Gondor. The line was broken at the death of Isildur,until Aragorn showed up of coarse. Aragon was one of the leaders of the Battle of the Hornburg. During the battle of the Pelennor Fields he goes to the path of the dead and summons the army of the dead, the only one able to because he is of coarse Isildurs eir. Later in another battle he was captin of the Army of the west. At the end of the trilogy he becomes king. He was always pure hearted and couragous. In the 2nd movie Aragorn is 87. One of the companions of the ring.Legolas - Elven Sindarin of Lothlorien,the woodland relm of the elves. He become one of the companions of the ring. He and Gimbly the dwarf become great friends throughout the books,not liking each other at the beginning of the trilogy that much. They fought in the battles listed under Aragorn with Aragorn.Gimly - Dwarf of the Lone Mountain, son of Gloin. He is a dwarf of Durins line. He fights in the battles with Aragon and Legolas. He is also a companion of the ring.Elrond - He is the Elven Ruler of Rivendell who lived for ages beyond counting. He fought in the battle of the Last Alience with Isildur in the Second Age. He bore one of the 3 Elven rings.Arwen - One of the Daughters of Elrond. She is in love with Aragorn.Balrog - The Balrog of Moria shows up in the 1st movie and is Slain by Gandalf. They were once good creatures ages past and turned evil by Saurons Master.Sauron - His form was destroyed in the Second Age by Isildur, thought to be dead. He becomes known as the Necromancer before anyone knows its him. His Presence at sometime comes to become a huge eye. He once Took controle over most of Middle Earth before he was destoryed by Isildur. He was the creator of the one ring,made in Mount Doom.Saruman - Once one of the good wizards and turned evil by the ever bewitching eye of Sauron. He was ruler of Isangard, a tower intrusted to him by Gondor which he betrayed that trust. He invented the Uriki.Zaguls - The Nazguls were once Nobles and Kings of Gondor. Humans. They were given rings as gifts and as each put on there ring they turned into shadow. Not dead nor alive.Whitch King of Angmar - Leader of the 9 Nazguls, killed in the end of the books by Eowyn. He killed King Theodon. He is the one that no MAN could kill. Probably why Eowyn shield maiden of Rohan could kill him. Anyone who comes in contact with a Nazgul gets Black Breath, a sickness that makes it seem that the person is dead. Eowyn and Merry get it in the 3rd movie.Faramir - Fearless captain of Gondor and brother of Boramir. He is also leader of the rangers. He is devoted to defending all reaches of Gondor. He is largly disliked by his father, who favors Boramir. He father rules Gondor in place of the king. He is a kind hearted man who loves music and lore. He is extreamly good friends with Gandalf and this is what displeases his father.Boramir - Perfered by his father and Fearless captain of Gondor. He reclaimed Oscilath from Mordor. He was called the best warrior of Gondor and loved by his men. He was one of the companions of the ring and was killed in the first book by an Uriki named Lurtz.