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Q: Is there an acronym to help remember the causes of World War 1?
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Who were some of u.s enemies during the world war 2?

The answer is JIG - Japan, Italy, and Germany. JIG is an acronym to help you remember.

What does the acronym A PACT help you remember when you research a topic?


Name the acronym used to help you remember 5 themes geography?

The acronym used to help remember the 5 themes of geography is "MR. HELP." It stands for Movement, Region, Human-Environment Interaction, Location, and Place.

What does BIDMAS stand for?

BIDMAS is an acronym to help you remember the order of mathematical operations:BracketsIndiciesDivisionMultiplicationAdditionSubtractionAnother anagram for this is "bodmas" identical, but the "o" stands for "power of":Bracketspower OfDivisionMultiplicationAdditionSubtraction

What is an acronym that could help you remember the Big Five traits?

One possible acronym is OCEAN, which stands for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism - the five traits that make up the Big Five personality traits.

Acronym to help remember Mexico Guatemala El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica and Panama In that order?

My Grandma Eats Honey Nut Cheerios Politely

How do you mememorize a list of words easily?

If it is vocab, go to They have very resourcefull tools to help you memorize. Otherwise, associate actions or images with the words. Perhaps make an acronym to help you remember them. Hope this helps!

What does the acronym DEBRA mean?

It stands for Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association. It aims to help people with a skin problem which causes blistering and tearing at the slightest touch.

How does SI DOT help you remember what speed is?

SI DOT is a simple acronym that helps you remember the formula for calculating speed: Speed = Distance / Time. This formula is useful in calculating how fast an object is moving based on how far it has traveled in a certain amount of time.

What does PHMPRC mean?

Problem Hypothesis Materials Procedures Results Conclusion This acronym is used by some school districts to help the students remember the steps of a science investigation. By a Second Grade Teacher : )

Where does pemdas come from?

PEMDAS is an acronym to help you remember the order of operations in mathematical equations.First, you do expressions within Parenthesis and/or Exponents.Then, you do expressions involving Multiplication and/or Division.Finally, you do the expressions involving Addition and/or Subtraction.

Acronym for change?

The acronym for change....Can U Help Get A Niger Elected!