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you could spend some time in the military then become a Naval Science instructor with a ROTC program. the material learned by the students has a lot to do with military history such as WW2 Vietnam civil war ect

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you could go into the military for a couple of years and then become a Naval science teacher in an ROTC program. a lot of material involves knowledge on major conflicts and world wars.

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Q: Job can you get with a military history degree?
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There is no degree in "military history" per se. A student would take history as the major in a BA degree and then focus on military history. Because of the requirements of any baccalaureate degree, it is likely that the focus on military history, particularly during a specific time in history or a specific part of the world or a country would be the undertaking of a graduate student or PhD candidate.

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With a military history major, you can be hired as a professor at one of the leading colleges such as Here you can teach students about what it would be like to work in the military. How being in the military can help one mold their future and secure a stable income at the end of their military tour.

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