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Certainly. He seized the government arsenal, intending to give the weapons to slaves for a full-scale revolt.

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Q: John brown at harpers ferry was illegal?
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What state did John Brown invade Harpers ferry?

Harpers Ferry is in West Virginia.

Who did john brown attack?

Harpers Ferry

Who was executed for his attack on the arsenal at harpers ferry?

(John Brown)

Who led the raid at Harpers ferry?

John Brown

Who led the raid of Harpers ferry?

John Brown

What is the story of Harpers Ferry?

John Brown was the leader of the raid and he wanted to create a colony for runaway slaves and to do this he needed weapons. Which led to the Harpers Ferry Raid.

Who lead the harpers ferry raid in 1859?

John Brown

What was the place that John Brown raided with men?

Harpers Ferry

Who wanted to end slavery in harpers ferry?

John Brown

Who caputure the US arsenal at Harpers Ferry?

John Brown

What year did John Brown seizes Harpers Ferry?


Who was sentenced to death for capturing harpers ferry?

John Brown.