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Life on plantations

Many plantations used African slaves for the hard labor, such as cotton, rice, indigo or tobacco.

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the plantation owner's family

the plantation owner's slaves

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Q: Life on plantations during the civil war?
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Why did women own plantations during the civil war?

Women would have owned plantations during the Civil War only if no male heirs were available to take the property. Women owning plantations was rare.

What did the south on the plantations eat during the civil war?


Was there any kid slaves during the civil war?

yes,there were very many African American (black) child slaves working on plantations and more (mostly plantations) during the civil war

What did most enslaved africans do during the civil war?

worked on plantations

What happened to southern farms and plantations during the Civil War?

nothing they dided

What did MOST enslaved African Americans do during the Civil War?

worked on plantations

Why did the plantations suffer after the Civil War?

Plantations suffered at the civil war because the fighting took place their and destroyed the plantation.

What did southern plantations grow during the Civil War?

cotton because of the cotton gin.......................i think

What provided labor on large plantations?

With regard to the antebellum years or during the US Civil War, Black slaves provided the bulk of the labor on large cotton plantations. This ended gradually during the Civil War as Union troops captured territory in the South as the war progressed to its end in 1865.

What are grown on plantations during civil war?

They grew tobacco and indigo plants (used to make blue dye) in plantations. In other places there are also plantations where they grow oats and wheat.

Is it true that Wealthy plantations owners in the South were still required to fight during the Civil War?


How was slaves treaty during the civil war?

they were members of the northern army to fight the south or they were still working on the plantations