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There are approximately 3,500 Union soldiers buried in Shiloh Cemetery. See the related link for a way to search for a name in the cemetery.

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Q: List of Civil war soldiers buried in Shiloh cemetery?
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Who was buried at Arlington cemetery when it opened?

dead soldiers from the Civil War

What was the name of the cemetery that Lincoln dedicated to the soldiers who died in the civil war?

Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

What was the name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War?

The name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War was Hollywood cemetery. The number of buried soldiers there was high in that it was located near the largest military hospital in Richmond. The death rates in hospitals were high due to the lack of antibiotics.

What cemetery outside Washington DC have soldiers buried since American civil war?

Arlington National Cemetry, built on the grounds of General Lee's own home.

How many civil war bodies are buried at Arlington National Cemetery?


Are civil war soldiers buried at Arlington?


Was Thomas Jefferson Buried in Arlington National cemetery?

Arlington National Cemetery was not created until the Civil War. Jefferson passed away long before that. He is buried in Virginia at Monticello.

Why is there a pyramid at Hollywood cemetery?

To commemorate the soldiers lost during the civil war.

What happened in Enterprise Mississippi?

Many bodies were buried in Enterprise, Mississippi after the battle of Shiloh during the Civil War.

How many people died at Shiloh?

The Battle at Shiloh took the lives of over 23,000 soldiers. This battle spanned two days and was one of the bloodiest in the Civil War.

Who were the losers in the Shiloh war?

The Battle of Shiloh was a battle in the American Civil War in which the Confederates attacked Union soldiers in Southwestern Tennessee. The Union eventually won this battle.

How many french soldiers from the Civil War are buried in US?

There were no french in the civil war their are some in the revolution though.