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cybil ackerman, tony agnotti and Simon newton

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Q: Main character of the cybil war by Betsy byars?
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Who are the main characters in the dead letter by Betsy byars?

In "The Dead Letter" by Betsy Byars, the main characters are Jeb, Rita, Mary Rose, and Benjie. The story follows their adventure as they uncover a mysterious dead letter that leads them to explore the secrets of their small town.

What does the letter say in the book Dead Letter by Betsy Byars?

In the book "Dead Letter" by Betsy Byars, the letter mentions a man named "Maddergil" who disappears, prompting the main character, Mick, to investigate the mystery. The letter hints at Maddergil's possible involvement in a crime and sets the stage for the unfolding of the story's plot.

Trouble River by Betsy Byars has two main characters Grandma and Dewey what are 4 characteristics of these characters?

Grandma is resourceful, determined, compassionate, and independent. Dewey is brave, curious, resilient, and loyal.

What is the main idea of Mc Mummy by besty byars?

main idea of mc mummy

Who is Betsy Read's family in My Brother Sam is Dead?

Betsy Read's family in "My Brother Sam is Dead" consists of her father, mother, and brother Sam Meeker. Sam plays a central role in the story as the brother of the main character, Tim Meeker.

What is the conflict in the book the summer of the swans?

The main conflict in the book "The Summer of the Swans" by Betsy Byars revolves around the protagonist, Sara, struggling to come to terms with her teenage identity and feeling lost and misunderstood. Additionally, Sara grapples with the responsibility of caring for her mentally challenged brother, Charlie, and her desire for independence.

What is a minor character who helps a main character?

A minor character who helps a main character is almost like the companion of the main character or had something to do with helping the main character in a period of time....That is what a minor character who helps the main character is

Is there a main character in ssbb?

Yes!there is a main character,The main character is Mario and he is nintendos mascot

Is a minor character lesser that restricts the main character?

No, a minor character does not "restrict" the main character. However, a minor character is of lesser importance than that of the main character.

What is a minor character whose role is to highlight the main character?

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Main character of 'The Cask of Amontillado'?

Montresor, the narrator, is the main character. and fortunato is the other main character

Who is the main character in War Horse?

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