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I have had four relationships in which the girl I'm seeing hates her mother. Three out of the four were because the mother has at some point verbally abused the daughter. Usually to the tune of "You are not worth anything." "You will never be good enough." etc etc. This I believe breeds resentment that will never dissolve. The other one girl out of the four had a mother who partied, sleep around and did drugs while raising the girl. This also created a resentment in the heart of the girl. It can be a multitude of reasons other than these. Why do we hate anyone? Mostly because they are bad people. The problem with women hating their mother is that it is very hard to forgive someone who is "supposed" to love you but treats you bad sometimes or extremely horrible one time.

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they probably will not make a good spouse

To a degree, but in my experience all boys from the cradle up need and deserve a loving female role model, but unfortunately society doesn't care about a human being's happiness and well being, i'm afraid the attitude is march or die in this life despite your upbringing. However if your a man that was not treated fairly by your mother when you were young i don't think it helps if you hate women today, you'll be the one that gets hurt more in the long term and can severely damage your choices in the long run, hence comes regret later on, and none of us deserve that. Be at peace with yourselves brothers, and that peace will reflect on others, including women.

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Q: Men who hate their mothers hate women?
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