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Q: Most of the fighting on the western front took place in?
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Most of the fighting done on the western front in World War 1 took place in the form of?

Trench warfare.

Where did most of the fighting on the western front of World War 1 take place?

On the Western Front in WWI, trench warfare was the main type of fighting. The war lasted from autumn 1914 until spring 1918. I hope that answered your question...!

Where was most of the fighting done during World War 1?

On the Western front, in France; on the Eastern front, in present Belorussia.

Contributions from France to the world?

France was stuck fighting in the trenches on the Western Front for most of WWI.

What does western front mean?

During a war, a "front" is a place where armies are fighting battles. In World War I, most of the major battles were in Europe. So in World War I, "Western Front" refers to the front in the western portion of Europe- it was mainly in northern France, where Germany had invaded. The "Eastern Front" was in Eastern Europe, primarily around the borders between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary.

What country did most of fighting take place in world war 1?

There were two countries that saw most of the fighting, as the Western Front stretched across France and Belgium. I am not aware of which country got the worst of it. Probably France because they had the two Battles of the Somme.

Where did American troops in World War 1 do the most fighting?

In France, Belgium, etc. ... the Western Front.

Which country suffered the most damage in world war 1?

Most of the Fighting took place in France along the western front so there fore most of the shell explosions have destroyed France more than any other country.

In what country were most of the battles during World War 1 fought?

For the majority of World War I, fighting took place in France on what had come to be known as the Western Front. Here, much fighting took place, including the invasion of German forces and the effort to regain France by the Allied Forces, namely Great Britain, France and Commonwealth countries such as Canada.

Was there any fighting on German soil during World War 1?

Most of the fighting in the western front was fought in the northern france and Belgium because of the german's schlieffen plan which involved the invasion of belgium there was no fighting on german soil but on the eastern front there was the battle of Tannenberg which was in east Prussia (now known as the eastern part Poland) but if you are talking about the western from then no.

Why did France suffer the most as a result of World War I?

Yes. The major part of fighting on the Western Front during World War 1 took place on French soil. Since France contributed more soldiers than the British, Belgians, or Americans on that front, they suffered a high casualty rate.

In which European country did much of the fighting during World War I?

Most European countries were involved in World War 1. In Western Europe, most of the fighting took place in Belgium and France and in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Bulgaria saw a lot of fighting.