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Q: Name three Eastern Bloc nations
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What is the name for nations that were controlled by the Soviet Union?

Satellite NationsThey were known collectively as "The Soviet Bloc"

What was Winston churchill's name for the new group of communist countries in eastern Europe?

An iron curtain.

What is the name of 2 island nations of the eastern hemisphere?

Malagasy Republic and Sri Lanka.

What was the name given to the nations in Eastern Europe that were controlled by the Soviet Union?

The Warsaw Pact was eastern Europe's response to NATO

Name three Scandinavian nations?

Norway, Sweden, Denmark.

Name the nations of eastern Europe that are not new countries since 1990?

Poland Romania Hungary Albania

What is bloc quebecois leaders name?

simone franscois

The Lead singers name of bloc party?

kele okereke

What three great modern European nations did Charlemagne's Empire include?

The three great modern European nations were included in the Charlemagne's Empire were the countries by the name of modern Catalonia, France and western Germany.

What is the birth name of Jeff Nations?

Jeff Nations's birth name is Jeffrey Louis Nations.

Name three eastern european capitals that are located on the on the Danube river?

The Danube only flows through three Eastern European capitals (Belgrade, Bratislava, and Budapest) and one Western European capital (Vienna).

Who was a member of Bloc Party for more than two years?

Two more years is the name of a popular song by the band Bloc Party. All four members of Bloc Party have been with the band for well over two years. They haven't changed out members at all since their debut in 2003.