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Loss of food, loss of homes, and poinoned water from dead boddies and ash from fires

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challenges southerns faced

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Q: Name three economic challenges that southerners faced after the Civil War?
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What challenges did the south face after the civial war?

Some of the challenges the south faced after the Civil War were: loss of homes, loss of food, water pollution from decaying bodies, theft, adn an economic depression.

What 3 major groups of people faced hardships and fears in the civil war?

poor white southerners, plantation owners, and black southerners

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What were some of the challenges which faced our country's leaders from colonial times to the Civil War?

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What were some of the challenges the colonies faced?

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Who were the most pro-union white southerners?

The most pro-union white southerners were known as Unionists or Southern Unionists. They were individuals in the Confederate states who opposed secession and supported the Union during the American Civil War. They often faced persecution and were a minority in the South during this time.

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What challenges and hardships were faced by civil war soldiers?

family back home,and seeing people die right in front of you for the first time

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i love him

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