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Over 3,000 Pennsylvania men were killed in Vietnam. See website: Vietnam War Casualties by state, for their names.

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See website: Vietnam War Casualties by State

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Over 300,000 US servicemen were wounded in the war.

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Q: Names of US Army soldiers wounded in the Vietnam war?
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How many US soldiers were wounded in the Vietnam War?

At least 153,303 were wounded seriously enough to require hospitalization. Add to that the 58,152 that were wounded and died and you have 211,455. This does not include the number wounded, treated in the field and returned to duty.

What are the duties of an army nurse?

Taking care of wounded soldiers.

How many American soldiers were killed and how many were injured in Vietnam war?

Counting airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, US sailors and US soldiers (Army); over 58,000 men dead, over 300,000 men wounded.

How many soldiers are on the memorial wall for Vietnam?

There are 58,272 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Can you list the soldiers that were wounded in World War 2 and Vietnam?

Don't be ridiculous there were over 22 million in World War II, the US Army alone had nearly 600,000. There were over 2 million in the Vietnam War. See the link below for country details.

How many American soldiers surviving Vietnam were Army soldiers?

All of them - soldier is a term exclusive to the Army, as opposed to Marines, sailors, and Airmen.

How many army men killed Vietnam?

58,209 dead. 153,303 wounded. 2,489 were missing in action.

How many soldiers from the United States killed in Vietnam?

Review the "Vietnam War Memorial Wall" on the website , it will give you the names and home towns, and ages of the more than 58,000 men (Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, and Coast Guard) and 8 women who died in the Vietnam War.

Why do you think my job during the war is important if I'm an Army Nurse?

Because you take care of sick and wounded soldiers

Do you have names of the men and women who fought in the Vietnam war enlisted in the army?

Vietnam vets, collectively. If you're looking for a list of specific names, sorry. That information is private.

What was the class of most US soldiers sent to Vietnam?

The class of soldiers sent to Vietnam was the Marines,Army,and, the Special Ops

Who named the viet cong?

The South Vietnamese referred to Communists LIVING in "South Vietnam" as the Viet Cong. Not to be confused with enemy soldiers entering South Vietnam FROM North Vietnam, the NVA (North Viet Army).