Naval Admiral known as Bull

Updated: 4/28/2022
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William Halsey is the naval admiral known as Bull.

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Q: Naval Admiral known as Bull
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What is an admiral of the fleet?

An admiral of the fleet is the highest grade of flag officer authorized in the United States Navy, or a naval officer of equivalent grade in the naval offices of other nations.

Who was the union naval leader from Tennessee that captured new Orleans?

Admiral David Farragut.

Who was the commander of the naval fleet that led the gunboats to attack Fort Henry?

Admiral FooteAdmiral Foote

Who was commander of the naval fleet who led the gunboats to attack fort henry and fort donelson?

Admiral Foote

What do fleet admirals do?

(As this question is in the WW2 category, this answer is specific to WW2 combatants) "fleet admiral" can refer either to a role, or a rank. As a rank, "fleet admiral" was formally known as "Admiral of the Fleet" in the Royal Navy, Soviet Navy, "Großadmiral" in the Nazi Kreigsmarine, "Fleet Admiral" in the US Navy, and Marshal-Admiral (Gensui) in the Imperial Japanese Navy. In all cases, it was the highest naval rank in each country. Most countries seldom had more than one or two persons serving at that rank at one time. The exception was the US Navy, which had 4 serving Fleet Admirals by the end of WW2. The duties of someone filling the rank of Fleet Admiral generally would be considered Logistical and Grand Strategy - that is, they were almost exclusively shore-bound commanding vast collections of fleets of ships in far-flung campaigns, or heavily involved in naval production and procurement. As a functional role, "fleet admiral" generally refers to the commanding admiral of a specific fleet. It can refer to a variety of ranks of admiral, but, was generally not applied to anyone not at least of admiral rank; those of less than admiral rank who commanded collections of ships were usually afforded the title "commodore". If there were several admiral-ranked personnel in a fleet, "fleet admiral" would be the moniker applied to the one in command (usually the most senior, but not necessarily, depending on circumstances). The role of fleet admiral is a tactical command - it involves directing the operations of the fleet, according to the grand strategy directed by the naval command authority. A fleet admiral would have wide latitude of both action and authority to accomplish their assigned mission(s). Their command usually included not just naval vessels, but transport vessels, naval bases, marines, and sometime even non-Navy assets in the area of operation.

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What was the name of the American naval admiral known as bull?

That would be Admiral William "Bull" Halsey of the United States Navy. Admiral Halsey commanded the task force and the Pacific Fleet during WW2 on the carrier Enterprise. He led forces over the Battle of Guadalcanal. He was also made commander of the Third Fleet.

What us naval admiral captured the last confederate port?

Admiral Farragut

What is the name of a Spanish Naval leader in the Spanish-American war?

Admiral Patricio Montojo, Commander Naval Fleet Manila. Admiral Pascual Cervera, Commander Naval Fleet Cuba.

What is a high ranking naval officer?


What is the navy equivalent of the army field marshal?

The corresponding naval ranks are normally fleet admiral, grand admiral or admiral of the fleet.

Who was first man to be a rear admiral the vice admiral and then admiral?

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut was the first American Naval Officer to obtain and hold all 3 Admiral ranks.

Who led the battle of the pacific?

Admiral Ernest King was the US top naval officer. Admiral Chester Nimitz was the top Pacific naval officer.

Who was the naval general at the Battle of Vicksburg?

The commander of the Federal naval forces was Rear Admiral Porter. There is no such thing as a naval general.

Who was the US admiral who encouraged the US to strengthen its naval power to become a world power?

Admiral Mahan

What is an admiral of the fleet?

An admiral of the fleet is the highest grade of flag officer authorized in the United States Navy, or a naval officer of equivalent grade in the naval offices of other nations.

What was the nickname of admiral William f halsey?


US Naval leader in the Philippines?

Admiral George Dewey.